When I was a teenager in the nineteen-sixties, we thought Twiggy had the coolest look. But very few of us imagined that we had to look like her, or could look like her.

Today, photograph and model have blurred. So much of our "reality" is pure image. And it is a perfected and retouched reality.

We don't see behind the scenes of that perfection. We don't see Cher's surgeries, we don't see Stallone's compulsive work-outs. We don't see the soft focus lens that takes years off anchormen and newscasters. We don't see numerous models throwing up their food every day. We only see the dazzling images of perfection and success - and feel bad about ourselves.

Even if on some level we "know" that Cher and many others have had numerous plastic surgeries, that knowledge seems to evaporate in the face of the images themselves. And so, the ordinary women who is not an actress or model begins to feel embarrassed or ashamed to present herself to a lover in less than "perfect" form. And in a sense she is being rational, because she understands that the imagination of her lover is probably also being shaped by the perfected images.

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