There are many people out there with ignorance and they will do anything, anything to hurt you. What humans fear or don't understand, they want to destroy. The gay lifestyle people don't understand, and ignorant people, if they don't understand, they're going to try to destroy it.

What astounds me is that as far as the gay issue is concerned, I find that there's a lot more prejudice and a lot more hate and bigotry among the blacks of this society, and it angers me. Because black people of all people should know what it feels like to be oppressed, should know what it feels like to be segregated and hated for the color of their skin. Why should it be any different for gay people?

I find that I've had to have a lot of strength, to survive four years of high school. More strength than you can ever possibly imagine. I was able to tap into that strength and draw from that strength and pull myself, literally, through high school. A lot of teens aren't that fortunate and commit suicide. They can't deal with themselve, so they decide to end themselves.


Susan Bordo comments on gay lifestyle


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