When she brings up this subject, well, I try not to talk about it because that's what I'm trying to avoid: an argument, a fight over something that should be left alone. And every time she tells me, "You did this to me," then I change the subject because that's something ugly, you know? And I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed to talk about that because of what I've done to her.

I prayed to God that the kids wouldn't have it. I thought they had it because I have it and she is my woman and I never wore any condoms with her. Thank God, neither she nor the kids have it.

I pray to God every day for my health and the health of my wife and my children and my relatives. And for everybody who has this disease.

The only thing I ask God is to give me health to see my grown children and my grandchildren. After I see my grandchildren, well, if I have to die I'll die, but God makes many miracles.


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